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Where to upgrade the technology of lithium battery LED street lamp


Although this product of lithium battery street lamp has not been produced for a long time, its development speed is very fast in this short time. At present, this kind of product has been widely promoted and used in many places. Of course, no matter what the items are, they can't be perfect. They all have their own areas that need to be improved. So what are the lithium battery streetlights that need to be improved?

1、 Sales price improvement
It can be seen that the price of lithium battery street lamp products sold in the world is higher than that of traditional products. The one-time investment of this kind of street lamp is much higher than that of traditional street lamp products. This is an important bottleneck restricting the promotion and development of a product, and it is also a place that needs to be improved. Therefore, the majority of manufacturers should try to reduce the price of this product as much as possible, so as to make the development of this product better, and the scope of its use will continue to expand.
2、 Improve the service life
Although it is said that the warranty period of the battery of this product can reach about three to five years, in actual use, many batteries will appear dissatisfied with charging after one year or even half a year, which has a great negative impact on the lighting work of this product. Therefore, manufacturers of lithium battery street lamps must pay attention to improve the battery selection, so as to be conducive to the continuous promotion and use of this product.
3、 Improvement in water resistance
The controller is the most important part of this product. It is necessary to do waterproof work for this part when making, so as to maximize the function of this product and extend the service life of the product.