LED Canopy Light LED GAS LIGHT- CL01 100W/120W/150W Suppliers

LED Canopy Light  LED GAS LIGHT- CL01 100W/120W/150W
LED Canopy Light  LED GAS LIGHT- CL01 100W/120W/150W

LED Canopy Light LED GAS LIGHT- CL01 100W/120W/150W



LED Canopy Light


Widely used in construction site lighting, plant lighting, industrial lighting, sports centers, gas stations, parking lots, waiting rooms, railway stations, ports, terminals and other large-scale energy-efficient lighting.

Microwave Motion Sensor

Led canopy light could connect with Microwave Motion Sensor, function requiremnts of detection area, time delay and daylight threshold can be precisely set via DIP switch. MC605V/D is an innovative and active motion detectors with HF system 5.8GHz. Dimming Function 3-step dimming function When used in combination with 1-10V dimmable LED drivers and ballasts, the sensors can achieve 3-step dimming function, 100%---> low light--->off. And the sensors build in adjustable daylight sensors, very easy to install and cost-effective. 2-step dimming function Also, the sensors can provide 2-step dimming function, 100 %---> low light (Never turn off). They are particularly suitable for use in Urban roads, Industrial areas, Residential areas, Sidewalks, Parking lot, Schools, Gardens where low light levels are maintained until motion is detected.


A.Avoid dropping of LED Canopy Light, otherwise Canopy Light Will be damaged;
B.Forbid to install the LED Canopy Light when on before power on, please Make sure that wiring is correct once installation finished;
C.Ensure stable installation and correct connection to avoid short-circuit damage to the Canopy Light and causing fire hazard;
D. Please do not stare at the Canopy Light for a long time when it is working to protect your eyes;   E.Only professional personnel may dismantle and repair.



Item NoLed wattLED BrandLumenWorking voltagePFIP Beam angleCCTSize
FJ-CL01-100W100WEpistar/Lumileds130 Lm/WAC180-265V0.95IP65120°2700-7000K380*380*70mm
FJ-CL01-120W120WEpistar/Lumileds130 Lm/WAC180-265V0.95IP65120°2700-7000K380*380*70mm








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