LED High Mast Light(LED Stadium Light) FJ-FL-G09 Suppliers

LED High Mast Light(LED Stadium Light) FJ-FL-G09
LED High Mast Light(LED Stadium Light) FJ-FL-G09

LED High Mast Light(LED Stadium Light) FJ-FL-G09


LED High Mast Light

1. Adopt high-power LED patch (3030/5050) light source, the power supply can match any brand.
2. The integrated design of radiator and lamp shell, LED is directly connected with the shell, and heat dissipation through the shell heat dissipation wing and air convection, fully ensuring the 50,000-hour service life of LED street lights.
3. The lamp shell is formed by aluminum die-casting, which can effectively dissipate heat and prevent water and dust through reasonable structure design.The surface of the lamp has been treated with anti-ultraviolet anti-corrosion powder spraying, and the whole lamp has reached IP65 standard.
4. Adopt standard ADC12 die-casting aluminum, green and pollution-free, free of lead, mercury and other pollution elements, and free of any pollution to the environment.

Item NoLed wattLED BrandLumenWorking voltagePFIP Beam angleCCTSize
FJ-FL-300W-G09300WCree XTE 3535/Lumileds 3030135lm/wAC180-265V0.95IP6515/30/60°2700-7000KΦ379*H463mm
FJ-FL-500W-G09500WCree XTE 3535/Lumileds 3030135lm/wAC180-265V0.95IP6515/30/60°2700-7000KΦ565*H652mm
FJ-FL-800W-G09800WCree XTE 3535/Lumileds 3030135lm/wAC180-265V0.95IP6515/30/60°2700-7000KΦ565*H652mm
FJ-FL-1000W-G091000WCree XTE 3535/Lumileds 3030135lm/wAC180-265V0.95IP6515/30/60°2700-7000KΦ640*H730mm
FJ-FL-1200W-G091200WCree XTE 3535/Lumileds 3030135lm/wAC180-265V0.95IP6515/30/60°2700-7000KΦ640*H730mm

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